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8 Must-Have Accessories Every Kitchen Needs

8 Must-Have Accessories Every Kitchen Needs

Whether moving to a new home or wanting to refresh your current space, an efficient and organized kitchen is achieved with the necessary tools at an arms-reach. Known for being the heart of the home, a curated kitchen designed to not only cook in but entertain in matters. Here are eight accessories that every person needs in their kitchen and will quickly learn can't be lived without. 

1. Spice Organizer

Spices alone can easily take up an entire shelf in the pantry cupboard and don't get us started on locating what the recipe calls for. Without a system or organization in place, you might as well add a minimum of 10 minutes to the recipes prep time. With the Nesting Lazy Susans, you can pick from 3 sizes to accommodate your space and fill an array of spices without hesitation. The effortless spin whether in the pantry our styled on the countertop makes finding even the once-a-year spices a breeze.

2. Stylish Utensil Holder

Whether it be to maximize your drawer space or to display for your next dinner party, investing in a chic utensil holder is the perfect way to store flatware right on the counter. The Bianca or Barcelona Silverware Caddy has a modern design and features an iron ring handle for easy transport from kitchen to table when serving guests. 

3. Quality Cutting Board

To avoid filling the landfill and repurchasing a new cutting board every time your plastic one degrades, invest in a heirloom-quality wood cutting board that is designed to last. Not only are wood cutting boards more sanitary and safer for the planet, but they are loved for bringing warmth and texture into the kitchen when displayed decoratively. 

4. Glass Storage Containers

Ditch plastic and store ingredients and leftovers in glass. Glass storage solutions are superior to plastic for lasting longer, being environmentally friendly, and not leaching harmful toxins into your food like plastic. For storing leftovers, try a Wood Top Canister with an airtight seal. To stylishly display baking ingredients, store in an Iron Top Canister as chic décor.

5. Bakeware and Mixing Bowls

From oven to table, kitchen bakeware should look as good as what comes fresh out of the oven. Whether baked vegetables or serving up a fresh pie for dessert, having the right dish is a must to bring the recipe to life. Handmade by European Artisans, each piece of bakeware takes a minimum of 35 hours to complete and is a true piece of art. For all the prep that comes with baking, a set of Handthrown Mixing Bowls is a must to stack for simple storage. 

6. Trivet

Loved for its versatility, the trivet is beautifully styled in the kitchen decoratively as a riser and seamless as a hot plate for everyday serving. When not in use as a hot plate, serve up fresh cuts of cheese and meats for an afternoon charcuterie board sure to impress. For a kitchen statement, pair with a cloche or dome for a one-of-a-kind look. This kitchen tool will quickly become your favorite accessory. 

7. Dough Bowl

Fresh produce will become your new favorite kitchen accent with the timeless design of the handcrafted Dough Bowl. Finished with a plant-based, food-safe hard wax, add a pop of color to your kitchen while displaying decoratively or serving up a large freshly-tossed salad for dinner. Kitchen tools as beautiful as this are countertop worthy and also make a chic accent to exposed shelves. 

8. Go-To Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards make the perfect kitchen accent and are just as functional as they are beautiful. A versatile piece, craft a stack of boards to display above the stovetop, hang on the wall, or even lay flat on the island. A quality charcuterie board is an entertaining staple that easily elevates brunch, desserts, or midday snacks.


Experience a kitchen design that looks as good as it feels. Not only will these eight quality and versatile kitchen accessories add to your overall design aesthetic, but will double as functional everyday tools.


Photo Credit: Alea Moore Photography

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