Our Story


For over a decade, etúHOME has carefully curated a collection of repurposed home furnishings and culinary accents. Propelled by a passion for rich history and timeless designs, etúHOME captures the spirit of the quintessential lifestyle by transforming its utilitarian objects into treasured accents for the modern home. Every item in our collection tells the story of an era past, each unique in its artisanal craftsmanship. We hope that you come to understand this story as it is manifested in our products and share them with those you love for generations to come.

At etúHOME we believe that life is best enjoyed around food, wine, friends and family. Thus, each of our serving pieces and cutting boards is designed as a reflection of that lifestyle - intended to be woven into day-to-day living. Taking versatility and sophistication to mind, our collection is defined by modern updates to classic styles.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in our dedication to ensuring that our vintage inspired re-creations are true to their sustainable roots. Each piece of wood in our collection is reclaimed or recycled from 19th century buildings. Every piece of glass displays its handblown nature and characteristic imperfections. We believe that these small details do matter, and are consistent with curating a life well lived.