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The Mother’s Day Shop | Top Gifts Mom Will Love
The Mother’s Day Shop | Top Gifts Mom Will Love

Frequently Asked Questions

What are etúHOME boards made of?

Our wooden serving, charcuterie and cutting boards are made sustainably from reclaimed wood. The different boards range between soft and hardwoods and vary in type from pine to oak to beech.

Where does etúHOME get wood from?

We pride ourselves in our sustainable practices. All of our wood is sourced across Hungary, and comes from old 19th century buildings that are scheduled for demolition. Every wood piece you buy from us is not only sustainably made, but also offers a rich history in where it comes from. 

How are etúHOME's wooden products made?

All reclaimed wood starts with a cleaning process where hardware and nails are removed and each piece is inspected. Each beam is measured then cut to be processed into thin planks. Planks are fused together through a heating process, and from them cut into specific products. Throughout all of this, our carpenters are skillfully trained to ensure minimal waste. Each piece is then sanded by hand, guaranteeing the perfect finish but also keeping true to the unique beauty of the wood grain. To finish the process, we use a unique blend of wax and oil to give the wood a beautiful ‘already used’ look and make each piece food-safe. 

How are etúHOME's glass products made?

We use recycled glass sourced from across Europe to create each of our glass products. Each piece is mouth-blown by European artisans who take the phrase "perfectly imperfect" seriously -- creating products with just the right amount of imperfections. The process begins with placing molten glass at the end of a blowpipe, carefully rotating the pipe to keep control of the temperature, and forcefully blowing air into the glass. This allows the vessel take a hallow shape before placing it into a wooden mold to perfect the form. Once removed from the mold, the glass is cut from the blowpipe and the bottom is flattened and the neck is shaped. The vessel is continuously reheated while additional refinements are made to the shape and form to give it that perfectly imperfect etúHOME touch.

How are etúHOME's ceramic products made?

Our ceramics and bakeware are handcrafted from white European clay. Inspired by antique molds collected from classic 19th century European kitchens, they offer sense of the old-world meeting the new. From beginning to end, each piece requires approximately 35 hours of work. During the process, pieces are fired twice in a precision-controlled electric kiln leading to crazing which gives each piece a unique look. The raw clay is left untouched on the bottom, while the top is dipped twice: the interior features a warm, cream glaze on the inside and a bright, white glaze on the outside. 

How much will it cost to ship furniture?

Applicable furniture items will be delivered outside your home for a single flat rate of $500 per order. These items will be securely delivered by a third-party delivery service provider. See our Shipping and Delivery page for more information.

Do you have a store? 

Yes! We have our flagship store in Atlanta, GA and another in Charleston, SC. You can read more about our stores here

Can I host a private event at your store?

Yes! Read about our Atlanta event space and reach out from there if you're interested.