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Wine Down for the Holidays with These Wine-Inspired Candles

Wine Down for the Holidays with These Wine-Inspired Candles

The holiday season may feel stressful to those who are trying to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. We all deserve our relaxation time, and a common way many relax is to pour a glass of wine. Our home fragrance collection features four unique candles based on your favorite wine varieties. Treat yourself to help you relax or gift to the wine lover in your life this holiday season.

Red Wine Inspired:

1. Rioja Candle

This luxurious candle appears dark but features the sweet scents of plum, cherry, strawberry, and blackberry. This candle is named after the Rioja Region in Spain and also features subtle hints of vanilla and tobacco.

2. Bordeaux Candle

Named after the largest wine growing area in France, the Bordeaux candle smells of black currant, green pepper, and cedar. Perfect for anyone, this candle fills the room with a unique and luxurious aroma.

White Wine Inspired:

3. Veneto Candle

In North Eastern Italy lies the Veneto region where the Pinot Grigio grape grows a golden color. Perfect for the white wine lover, this candle is light and crisp, balanced with the aroma of honey. Veneto features the crisp scents of pear, melon, apple, and lemon.

4. Moselle Candle

This candle is inspired by Riesling wine and is perfect for those who like sweet drinks and scents. The crisp aroma from Moselle features notes of Elderflower, ripe apples, apricot, and lemon.

Our luxury wine candles are hand poured in Grasse, France and offer a unique black vessel and filled with the highest quality wax. Perfect as a gift to the modern wine lover, or an elegant gift to the hostess, these candles release sweet scents that are bound to impress. Cheers + Happy Holidays!

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