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10 Foods in Your Fridge That Shouldn't Be

10 Foods in Your Fridge That Shouldn't Be

It's a common misconception, that to prolong your produce's life, it's best kept in the fridge. In reality, the cold air from the refrigerator actually shortens the life of your food causing it to spoil faster. Create more shelf space in the fridge and lengthen the life of these ten foods by storing at room temperature in your pantry or on the countertop.  

1. Berries

Fresh strawberries and blueberries taste best when at room temperature. Store them in Round Baker or a Handthrown Mixing Bowl for a chic accent and an easy transfer to the breakfast table.


2. Potatoes

The starches in a potato will break down faster in cold air, so keep these in a Rush Storage Basket in the pantry to keep the color and taste preserved.


3. Tomatoes

If your tomatoes are still under-ripe, store them in a Grain Bowl under the window and transition seamlessly to the kitchen counter or table. They can easily be carried in the bowl to store in the pantry if counter space is needed.



4. Honey

Store honey away from cold temperatures to avoid crystallization. Place a glass Depression Honey Jar on the kitchen counter or shelf for easy access and a pop of color.


5. Mixed Nuts

Combine your favorite nuts in a Bianca Iron Top Canister, Small to keep the flavors airtight. Place on the counter for style and easy snacking.


6. Garlic

Preserve your garlic in a dry and open space. Use a small Wooden Prep Bowl to catch any flakes while easily storing the garlic on a pantry shelf.


7. Apples

The bold colors of this fruit will look beautiful out in the open, so place in a Dough Bowl on the counter. Try a reusable White Cotton Shopper when purchasing fresh apples and easily store in the pantry in this tote so they don’t roll around.


8. Coffee Beans

An airtight container is best to maintain the flavor of ground coffee or whole beans. Try the Barcelona Iron Top Canister in various sizes to display your beans proudly while keeping them fresh.


9. Oils

The color and consistency of oil will best be maintained at room temperature, so store in the pantry where it’s not exposed to sunlight. Use a Barcelona or Bianca Kitchen Caddy to stock a few oils and make them easy to grab all at once.


10. Butter

Butter is easy to spread when at room temperature and it’s safe to keep it covered on the counter for a few days. Use a glass Depression Butter Dish to protect the butter and allow for an easy transfer from counter to fridge.

Keep your food fresh and lengthen it's longevity with our kitchen storage staples that will add style to any shelf or counter.

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