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The Art of Artichoke

The Art of Artichoke

As the scenery changes and we welcome Fall weather, we not only find ourselves bringing out seasonal décor but also incorporating different flavors in the kitchen. Whether you're using more cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice or seasonal produce in recipes, homemade meals and desserts deserve to be presented elegantly.

With luscious green leaves and a mild, nutty flavor, the artichoke makes the perfect addition to your recipes and even your home décor. Our Sage Mod Artichoke Charcuterie Board brings a trending sage color to your kitchen décor while allowing you to perfectly elevate your autumnal hors d’oeuvres. Display seasonally or hang on the wall year-round for a touch of color.

Sophisticated Style

There are many ways to style a charcuterie board, even one shaped like an artichoke. Made of lightweight pine wood, this versatile board can lay flat on the counter with a small bowl full of seasonal fruit on top, ready to be carried to the kitchen table. Prop the Mod Artichoke above your stovetop or under a cabinet for backsplash décor. Adorned with twine, this charcuterie board can be hung on the wall as an autumnal accent and easily brought to the kitchen for serving. 

Stunningly Served

Anything can be served on the Sage Mod Artichoke Charcuterie Board, from breakfast to dessert. Prepare a classic spinach artichoke dip, a tossed salad or a pizza topped with artichoke hearts. This earthy vegetable can even be added to pasta, sauces, or tarts!

Decorative Pairings

The contagious sage tone of the Mod Artichoke Charcuterie Board will quickly grow on your home. Carry the hue throughout different rooms with decorative accents that are designed to stand out. Fill a Sage Dough Bowl with seasonal produce on the counter, or style cut blooms in a Sage Colorblock Flower Vase. Complete a room's look with Sage Artisanal Vases that can be styled alone or in sets for a stunning statement.

Designed to seamlessly transition into every season, especially Fall, bring a natural hue and elegant shape into the home with the Sage Mod Artichoke Charcuterie Board. Shop this trending kitsch charcuterie board here.


Photo Credit: Alea Moore Photography

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