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Trending Home Accent: The Tyrolean Chair

Trending Home Accent: The Tyrolean Chair

Forget the room, the size, and even the aesthetic. Pulling together a living space can be as simple as the touch of a single accent. Loved by interior designers for its versatility in the home, the Tyrolean Chair was designed to be a one and done accent that completes any space from the entryway to the guest bathroom. Inspired by the antique Tyrol chairs found throughout Europe, our remake of these historical chairs will become the next staple accent in your home. 

Named after a historical region in Central Europe, this style of chair was originally used as peasant furniture and is also referred to as Swiss Mountain Chairs or Folk Chairs. The design comes from various regions across the Alps including parts of Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland dating back to the 19th century. The remote locations of its origins make way for the folky shapes and whimsical curves found on these chairs. The stylized back splats and peg legs which are prominent in our versions are key features of the old-world Tyrol design. Rustic charm and sustainable practices bring this antique style back to life. 

Bria Hammel, CEO and Creative Director of Bria Hammel Interiors, brilliantly showcases this folk chair in many of her designs.

Featured on: @briahammelinteriors
Featured on: @briahammelinteriors
Featured on: @briahammelinteriors
Bria perfectly styles this chair in a variety of homes and rooms. Small enough to sit in front of the fireplace yet roomy enough to layer towels in the bathroom, the Tyrolean Chair can fit in any space. For a functional accent, style in the entryway and use as a catch-all for outerwear.

Easily styled alone or stacked with linens, this whimsical chair adds a modern touch to your living space. Shop Tyrolean chairs here for your next favorite home accent.


Photo Credit: Spacecrafting Photography and Alea Moore Photography

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