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At Home with etúHOME: Modest Social Distancing Party

You're not alone in the desire to entertain again. 

With months of quarantine under our belts, the desire for much-needed social interaction is becoming harder and harder to ignore. Modest gatherings with close family and friends are popping up in backyards, patios and parks.

As everyone continues to navigate this "new normal," Founder of etúHOME Stacy Borocz gives a peek to how she slowly and safely prepared for a small backyard gathering with friends. The highlight of Stacy's al-fresco socially distanced gathering centers around food- but with a COVID-friendly twist. To create a safe and comfortable gathering for all her guests, Stacy used Mini Charcuterie Boards to serve snacks. Each Mini Board was styled individually, reducing common touch points and allowing for safe distances between everyone. Watch the video below to see how Stacy styled each board and created a safe gathering comfortable for all of her guests. 


Tips for hosting small, socially distanced gatherings: 

1.  Keep the guest list small. Be sure to follow limits set by your state.

2. Entertain outdoors in a space large enough to socially distance (6-feet apart.) 

3. Provide appetizers on Mini Charcuterie Boards or Tapas Planks for each of your guests. This will eliminate shared surfaces and common touch points.  

4. Provide hand sanitizer for guests.

5. Be sure to safely handle food and drinks with clean hands. Wash hands before and after food and drink prep.

6. Enjoy your quality time with friends and loved ones! 


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