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25% Off Sitewide | Promo Code: MEM25
25% Off Sitewide | Promo Code: MEM25
Full Circle Sustainability

Full Circle Sustainability

Our commitment to the home extends beyond walls to our collective home: Earth. By implementing minor changes to your daily routine, living a sustainable lifestyle that not only feels good but looks good is easier than ever. From reclaimed materials to a handcrafted touch to the intentional creation of dual-purpose products, we are committed to full circle sustainability. 

What we eat is equally important to what our food is prepped and served on. Say goodbye to plastic cutting boards and mass produced serveware that finds itself in waste landfills. Make eco-responsible choices when shopping for your kitchen needs that will last for generations to come.

Our serveware is handcrafted from sustainable sources, mainly 19th century buildings slated for renovation or demolition. As old buildings fall in and around Budapest, we salvage the beams and give this beautiful patina wood a second life.

etuHOME Reclaimed Wood

Each etúHOME wood product is finished by hand with eco-friendly wax and mineral oil by local artisans who share a deep commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. Salvaged wood arrives to our factory in truckloads for cleaning and inspection, requiring each beam to be individually prepped for a new purpose in the home. Before your new charcuterie board reaches your hands, it’s been handcrafted by nearly 20 artisans to ensure the perfect final product. 

etuHOME Italian Pizza Boards

Our collection features versatile and sustainable products that have been updated for the modern home. Every product is a feel-good purchase made from honest materials with responsible practices. During Earth Week, from April 19 to April 22, we are donating 10% of all sales to The Nature Conservancy. Join us in preserving our collective home.

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