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5 Simple Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

5 Simple Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

Maintaining a sustainable kitchen can be easy. Every small change in your daily routine can make a world of difference. Here are five simple tips to a having a more sustainable kitchen.

1. Ditch Plastic, Store in Glass

Plastic containers contain toxins and they can be released into your food. Ditch plastic and store in toxin-free glass. Not only is glass food-safe, but also microwave and oven safe meaning less dishes to be cleaned. Store leftover food in low profile Wood Top Canisters for easy storage in the fridge and effortlessly reheat for dinner. Store dry ingredients in counter-top worthy Iron Top Canisters, whose gasket lid guarantee's air-tightness. This step to a sustainable kitchen not only helps the environment, but keeps your family healthy.  

2. Shop with a Reusable Bag

Minimize waste of plastic shopping bags and transition to eco-friendly reusable market bags. Whether kept in your car for grocery runs or carried over your shoulder for a walk to the market, bring fresh ingredients home in a reusable Filt Shopper Bag. Transfer produce to a Dough Bowl made from reclaimed wood, perfect for storing fruits and vegetables on the kitchen counter. 

3. Ditch Plastic Cutting Boards

Wood has natural antibacterial properties and is self-healing. This helps wood cutting boards last longer than plastic boards. They also make for a great styling element — keep them on the countertop for a chic look. All of our wood products are made from reclaimed wood and handcrafted by European artisans.

4. Reusable Food Wrap

Rather than using plastic or aluminum wrap to store sandwiches or snacks, use a sustainable and multi-use option. Bee's Wrap is biodegradable, reusable, and made from organic sources, making it the perfect alternative to cover and store food. 

5. Use Recycled Glass

Opt for recycled glass as a more eco-friendly option to decor. Our Demijohn Bowl is handcrafted from the bottom of a recycled demijohn bottle, making a beautiful accent piece in your home. When looking for a way to display plants in the kitchen, style beautifully in a Clear Mason Jar, made from recycled glass. 

By purchasing recycled and reclaimed products that were crafted to last, you can style your home while positively impacting the planet. 

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