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Dream Home Video Backgrounds

While a lot of us are working from home and dialing into video conference calls, we thought it would be fun to curate a set of backgrounds to make these calls a bit more fun.

No need to scramble to clean the kitchen, or tidy the house before getting on a video call - just upload one of our backgrounds, relax, and relish in the compliments from co-workers and friends. 

etuHOME - video background

The steps are simple:

  1. Save one of the below backgrounds to your computer
  2. Using Zoom, navigate to "virtual background' within settings
  3. Press the '+' icon and upload the background
  4. And voila, you're transported to a clean and dreamy home!

Modern luxury kitchen 
Featuring our white mod charcuterie boards, bianca glass canisters

etúHOME - video background - 3

Farmhouse chic dining nook 
Featuring one of our vases and our pedestal round table made of reclaimed wood

etúHOME - video background - 1

Trendy black and gold custom kitchen 
Featuring our custom kitchen cabinetry and black canisters and black charcuterie board

etuHOME - video background - 7

A backyard escape
Featuring our hand made artisnal vases

etúHOME - video background - 4

Navy and natural kitchen
Featuring our infamous vitrines and custom navy kitchen cabinetry 

etúHOME - video background - 5 


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