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Kitchen Organization Secrets

While many adjust to new lifestyles at home, we want to help motivate you to live a life well-lived! More time at home means more time in the kitchen. As we adapt to this way of life, we hope this time inspires you to freshen up the heart of the home through some spring cleaning!

We went straight to the expert, Meghan Basinger. As a mother of three, Meghan not only knows how to keep a clean space but a beautiful home where children thrive. We've partnered with Meghan to bring our readers her top secrets to a functional, organized and stylish kitchen. 

Bon Bon Jar, Small  Wood Top Canisters   Bon Bon Jars

"It’s no secret that I’m a total neat freak. I love clean, organized spaces. The main hero here is etúHOME. etúHOME is built around the belief that everyday pieces used to prepare, serve and store food – matter. Their collection is rooted in European designs and elevates everyday living. Well, they are basically saying – everyday, utilitarian pieces like food containers, can and should be treasured accents. And I’m here for it."

While the idea of accomplishing a clean and organized kitchen can feel like a daunting task, the actual steps Meghan has put together are quite simple.
To get started, having the proper items to maintain a functional kitchen is key.

Meghan uses our glass canister collection to take everyday snacks and staples to unique jars and vessels worthy of countertop space. Keeping cooking essentials at an arms reach is easy when stored properly. Next to your stovetop should live your everyday cooking utensils in a handthrown crock accompanied by a kitchen caddy holding your favorite cooking oils and spices. 

Charcuterie Boards. Kitchen Caddy, and Barcelona Iron Top Canister

Meghan shared with us her must-haves and why they're perfect for any home:

Bon Bon Jar in All Three Sizes – these are absolutely stunning. We use the largest size for popcorn and leave it on our kitchen table. It’s home to our children’s favorite snack, but it’s become part of our table’s display as well. Win, win. We have the medium and small jars side-by-side on our kitchen counter and rotate what they hold. You can also use either of the two smaller sizes to display soaps in a bathroom.

Barcelona and Bianca Wood Top Canisters – we use these for ALL THE SNACKS. Great for holding pretzels, granola, cookies, dried fruit, etc. I like having a mix of the Barcelona (black) and Bianca (white) in various sizes on hand.

Barcelona Iron Top Canisters – the large canister is beautiful for pasta. I love how it pops off our white subway tile. It’s just as much about décor as it is utility. The smaller sizes are great for coffee beans, sugar, etc. I lean towards the black here since our kitchen already has a lot of white with our tiles, walls, and countertops – but a mix of the Barcelona and Bianca would be lovely here as well!

Handthrown Crock –their handthrown pottery collection is dreamy, but I really love their crock when it comes to organization. I display our cooking utensils in it right next to our stovetop.

Bianca Kitchen Caddy – this is so great for keeping your most-used cooking oils and spices on your counter, but in a clutter-free fashion.
Watch on Meghan's Instagram TV how she uses all of these in her home here. 

Bon Bon Jar, Handthrown Crock, Charcuterie Boards

While our normal lives keep our day-to-day very busy, take advantage of the additional time to live a life well-lived, especially in the kitchen! For a few other quick and easy ideas to show your kitchen some love, read more on Meghan's blog here.
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