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At Home With etúHOME: Everyday Food Prep

The saying "the heart of the home is the kitchen" is more relevant than ever as many are spending more time in this space. From breakfast to dinner, quality kitchen essentials are the little luxuries bringing joy to daily routines. Made of reclaimed European oak and handcrafted by European artisans, the Dutch Cutting Board Collection was created as everyday cutting boards. Designed with the small modern kitchen in mind, the boards stack perfectly against a backsplash and are sized for everyday chopping and serving. 

Dutch Cutting Boards

We've partnered with Alisa Barry, owner of Bella Cucina, to share her tips for easy food prep with seasonal produce and everyday items. Most importantly, Alisa will walk you through how to present it beautifully - it's not just what you eat but how you eat that enhances the everyday. Follow along with Alisa to prep and craft your afternoon Dutch Cutting Board.

Alisa prepared fresh ingredients and styled each board using the Small, Medium, and Large Dutch Cutting Boards. Get the look with an everyday cutting board starting at $60.

Dutch Cutting Board, Small Dutch Cutting Board, Medium  Dutch Cutting Board, Small

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