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Glass Bell Jar with Wood Base, Tall

Original price $60.00
Current price $39.99

This versatile set is a two-in-one decorative dream that effortlessly styles for any home aesthetic. This glass bell jar is paired with a pine wood base that can hold and display your favorite treasures. The smooth finish and natural warmth of the wood elevate the overall presentation, adding a touch of elegance to your console or mantle. The food-safe base doubles as a serving platter for a unique dessert spread.

  • Please note that, in tune with nature, the wood may undergo subtle shifts in response to environmental changes. As the wood contracts and expands gracefully, it might not always sit perfectly flat, adding a touch of authenticity to its aesthetic appeal. Embrace the organic beauty of this piece, where each imperfection tells a story of its own.
Weight: 2.0 lbs
Length: 7.5 inches
Width: 7.5 inches
Height: 12 inches
Food Safe

Food Safe

This item is food safe and contains no toxins or harmful substances.

Sustainably Sourced Wood

Sustainably Sourced Wood

This is produced from responsibly sourced wood from Europe.

Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass

This is made from recycled glass that has been extracted and reconditioned for a new use. Our process minimizes waste into landfills.

Patterned Serveware

Serving Only

This board is intended for serving only. No knives or sharp utensils should be used on this board.