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Why This Item Should Be #1 On Your Holiday Wish List

It’s holiday season everyone! I know, it snuck up on all of us but it is here and it’s time for all of the preparation that comes with it. Are the in-laws coming into town? Are you budgeting your finances for Christmas gifts or are you taking all of the holiday décor out of storage? There just is something about preparing for the holidays that gets me excited and filled with anticipation for what’s to come. With the holidays swiftly approaching, I took my love of preparation to put together  a premature Christmas list. I might as well start dreaming of the most wonderful time of year while I have the chance, right? So what is listed as my number one desired item this year? Keep reading to find out!

Here it is. The beautiful Oak Charcuterie Board from etúHOME is my number one desired item this year. From the naturally weathered reclaimed wood beams that make up the piece, to all the functionalities I imagine myself diving into once I get my hands on it, I sure do love this board. I know what you’re thinking and trust me, although the picture is stunning, the pictures still don’t do it justice. The board is handcrafted in Hungary by skilled craftsman, taking nearly 40 steps to get the board to the finished product you see above. The process is truly incredible and is reflected into the finished product of the wood serving board.

The great benefit of having an Oak Charcuterie Board is that Oak is a hard wood. This means that the board can not only serve, but can also be used for chopping. Because the board has dual functions, it makes it an extra special gift and a super handy kitchen accessory. While one side features the traditional look of a bread board with two slats, the other shows the natural exterior of the wood. The exterior side features the rough, organic elements that boast style and a natural elegance, which altogether make serving cheese spreads a festive occasion. I’ hoping I can get my hands on one before the holiday season makes way so I can serve my family and friends with the beauty from October through December! 

Want to see a little more of the process in which our Charcuterie Boards are made? Check it out in the video below!


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