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Wedding Gifting: How Much to Spend and What to Buy

Wedding Gifting: How Much to Spend and What to Buy

Wedding season is upon us which means you are likely receiving multiple wedding invitations in your mailbox. As a guest, it can be tricky to determine how much you should spend on the couple’s gift – many may fear spending too little or spending too much. Here are a few guidelines to assist you this wedding season so you can purchase wedding gifts with ease.

Tip 1: Following the registry is ideal.

Most weddings make it easy for their attendees to buy exactly what they need. If the wedding you are attending has a registry, the couple has already done the hard work and hand-picked exactly what they would like to receive. Registries will have varying prices, so you can pick what fits your budget while knowing the couple will be glad to receive it. Purchasing a few low-cost items from the registry shows equal thought and care as purchasing the most expensive item on the list. If you browse the registry too late and the only items left are over your budget, ask invited family members to chip in on the larger gift together or purchase a gift card from one of the couple's registered stores.  

Tip 2: Amount spent is dependent on your relation to the couple.

The average amount to spend on a wedding gift is $100 per attending wedding guest. If you are an acquaintance, coworker, or distant relative of the one getting married, it is acceptable to spend less on a wedding gift compared to a close friend or immediate family member. The gift itself is about sending an acknowledgement of the union and warm wishes, not about the price tag. Above all, you were invited to the wedding because the couple cares about you, so the gift should show that you care as well.

Tip 3: Purchase neutral non-registry items.

If the couple does not have a registry, you were too late to purchase from the registry, or you want to buy something for the couple they may have overlooked, make sure to gift a neutral item. You want to make sure the couple does not already have the item and that they will both be glad to receive it. Gifting a luxury item that the couple did not include on the registry can still prove to be a meaningful and possibly favorite gift. Neutral home décor can be a safe bet unless you know the color scheme or preferences of the couple. A kitchen can never have enough boards, so gifting a one-of-a-kind White Mod Charcuterie Board or an everyday cutting board can be a wonderful surprise that compliments what the couple already owns.

The overall purpose of a wedding gift is to acknowledge the union and send regards to the happy couple. Anything they receive will assist them in a strong foundation for building their new life together. There is no set rule on how much you have to spend, so gift with purpose and what you're comfortable with. Browse our hand-picks for heirloom quality wedding gifts here

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