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The Truth Behind Working With Your Spouse

Husband and wife, Joe and Stacy Borocz know a thing or two about working together. In fact, the couple steps into the workplace together every Monday through Friday at their company etúHOME. As CEO and Founder/Creative Director of the business, we dived into their thoughts to hear all about the innerworkings that make up a spouse/working relationship.

  1. What made you initially decide to do business together?

Joe response: It actually happened quite organically.  As many of you know, this was a business my wife began when we moved to Hungary. At the time, I worked for a large multinational corporation and my merchant wife grew bored, looking for her next adventure.

Stacy response: As etuHOME grew, I found myself consulting Joe more and more for his logistics expertise.  Additionally, since most of our products were being sourced in Hungary, Joe’s native tongue became a necessity.  Ultimately, I took up so much of his time, it was only natural we merged forces! 

  1. How do you practice work life balance?

Joe response: We often try our best to only talk about work in the workplace. The idea is much simpler than actually doing it but it helps us keep our sanity. Stacy knows I wind down and relax best when I can watch a Manchester City match, therefore she luckily allows me that freedom at home.

Stacy response: This is such a great question. While we are much more relaxed at home we often have to make a concentrated effort NOT to talk about work. We do respect each other’s alone time though. If I am off to yoga or having a girlfriend outing, I believe Joe is secretly thrilled to get in a double dose of Formula One or a Man City football match. 

  1. What would you say your partner’s strengths and weaknesses at work are?

Joe response: Stacy designs the product and is the one that knows and loves all of our customers. I just try and get it to them on time! 

Stacy response: Joe enjoys structure and I am more of a creative free spirit.  Dipping both feet in the pond at the same time seems to be working so we have decided to run with it. 

  1. What are some tips you would give other couples who go into business together?

Joe response: Respect each other and be open to friendly disagreements from time to time.

Stacy response: Trust each other. Focus on what you do best and stay out of your partner’s area of expertise.  Truth be told, this is the hardest part for me, but I plan to die trying! The end results are always the best when we both adhere to this rule.

  1. What has been the best thing about working with your partner?

Joe response: My answer should probably be, ‘I get to spend more time with my lovely wife!’ But in reality, it’s great to dream and work towards reaching your goals so when you get to achieve that with someone you enjoy and respect at the same time, the dream becomes your reality. 

Stacy response: My favorite part about working together is traveling together.  The sheer nature of etuHOME takes us to wonderful places which we get to explore together. Whether stumbling on a huge cache of 200 year old Italian Olive jars in the south of Italy or wandering through the brocante markets in Avignon its always the best with Joe.

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