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The Making Of… Our Charcuterie Boards

At etúHOME, we admire and appreciate the role that sustainability plays in the world today. So much so, that we’ve created a factory where the only materials used are recycled or reclaimed. From the reclaimed wood beams we use to craft all of our wooden products, to the broken pieces of recycled glass that are melted down to form our signature glass mason jars and vases. With sustainable practices, we also stress the importance of the handcrafted nature of our products, which embraces their unique character and charm. In fact, our signature etúHOME charcuterie boards that you know and love, are truly a work of art.  

Pizza Board

The entire process starts with the reclaimed wood beams sourced from Europe. Each nail, each screw, they all must be removed from the found beams by hand to prepare the wood to become something new. The beams are then sliced and shaved to create the perfect width for each shape of our charcuterie boards. With precision equipment, the planks are fused together before they take either a round or rectangle shape.  

Pizza Boards

Once the wood boards have taken shape, they then are fit with a hardwood slat. This component and the special time honored technique we use to insert these slats, is what keeps the wood from warping over time, therefore setting them apart. By using this slat, we can guarantee that the board will last far longer than it’s look alike competitor.   

Pizza Boards

Our boards are then branded with our well-loved etúHOME logo and finished with a food-safe wax, which gives them their classic sheen. Keep in mind, that all of these steps happen through multiple artisans. The pizza boards are handcrafted by almost twenty artisans before they end up in your hands. One of our favorite steps, also happens to combine some of the finishing touches. One of our favorite craftsman wields a special tool to distress the board. The board is given a twine tie to finish, therefore making it ready to arrive at your door.    

Pizza Boards


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