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Take a Look Inside the Owner's Euro Flat

When Joe and Stacy started etúHOME, the idea was to bring pieces of Europe to the American market. Now that the business has grown significantly, it requires that they spend a large amount of time in Europe. Whether it is shopping the fairs, scouting sources or designing and overseeing the production of our sustainable wood products- it’s all done with the ultimate goal of bringing superior products to our customers. That being said, Joe and Stacy decided that it was necessary to have a suitable residence in Budapest. So, they set off to make the two small flats they had purchased into a combined space that would provide adequate living and working space. In addition, there was also the task of trying to maintain the integrity of the stunning architectural elements that were original to the building. One particular element that was important to Stacy was the ceiling. Recognizing the beauty of its frescos, Stacy wanted to ensure that it was kept in tact during the construction and restored to its original splendor. 

Once the construction had been completed, Stacy worked with the well known Hungarian-based team at Insidesign to furnish the space with a mix of etúHOME products and antique, found objects. Notice the authentic, fully restored Louis Phillipe mirrors hanging in the bathroom. Also, the kitchen island, cabinetwork and accent furniture throughout the space were all designed and handcrafted from reclaimed timber in our Hungarian factory. The mix of antique and contemporary makes for an incredibly sophisticated end result. In fact, the apartment was recently featured in the Hungarian architecture and design magazine, Octagon

But perhaps the best thing about the apartment is its location- just two blocks from the Danube and it directly faces St. Stephen’s Basilica-which was built in the late 1800s and boasts a 300 foot, neo-renaissance dome which can be clearly seen from the apartment’s balcony. Talk about a view!

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