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Gift The 5 Senses For Valentine's Day

Gift The 5 Senses For Valentine's Day

Say "I love you" this Valentine's Day with an out-of-the-box way to spoil your special someone. Plan an evening with gifts and experiences that appeal to all five senses: sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. Follow our easy guide for a full sensory evening that will elevate your partner's Valentine's Day.

Sense 1: Sight

Fresh flowers will always bring a smile to your partner’s face. Make the florals swoon-worthy by displaying in a beautiful Colorblock Flower Vase that your partner can cherish long after Valentine’s Day. 

Thoughtfully chosen recommendations:

Sense 2: Smell

Travel to Europe from home by lighting a candle made from the finest fragrances in Grasse, France. Set the mood by filling the room with the luxurious scents of a gourmet chocolate shop with our Geneva candle, or a French winery with our Wine Candles.

Thoughtfully chosen recommendations:

Sense 3: Sound

Fill the kitchen with the comforting sounds of a homemade meal. Known to be an actionable way to express your love, a meal made from scratch is a surefire way to a romantic night. 

Thoughtfully chosen recommendations:

Sense 4: Touch

Bring European flavors to your fingertips by sharing an intimate evening over charcuterie. Display the finest pestos, oils, meats and cheeses on a handcrafted Mod Heart Charcuterie Board.

Thoughtfully chosen recommendations:

Sense 5: Taste

Bring your evening to a close with a sweet dessert. After enjoying your meal together, indulge in a French delicacy – Chocolate Fondue. Dip freshly sliced fruits, bread, or cookies in this smooth chocolate, or savor the flavor on its own.

Thoughtfully chosen recommendations:

Create a thoughtful and lovely evening from home by appealing to the five senses. Browse our collection of curated gifts for a night you and your loved one will forever cherish.

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