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The Mother’s Day Shop | Top Gifts Mom Will Love
The Mother’s Day Shop | Top Gifts Mom Will Love

etuHOME Engagement Party

Provence Counter

Here’s a sneak peek at an etuHOME inspired engagement party that owners Stacy and Joe hosted for their son and future daughter-in-law. In order to set the tone of a warm inviting party where guests could “gather round” the first thing they did was to bring our Provence Counter Island front and center into the middle of their kitchen!  This idea fostered etuHOME’s vision of celebrating the kitchen as a modern living space where friends and family gather together and enjoy each other and their surroundings. 

 Decorative Accents

Of course, all the food was served upon etuHOME boards.  We love the way the ambient grilled sweet potatoes plated on the white mod charcuterie boards and the chile flavored salmon looks fab on the farm table plank.  Our favorite presentation was the field green salad tossed in the natural bread bowl.


Of course, the hit of the night was the Cake and Candy Bar featuring etuHOME cloches, domes, and candy-filled canisters.  Oh how fun, oh what a night!

 Cake Bar


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