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Culinary Experts Are Going Crazy Over Charcuterie Boards

etuHome Farmhouse Cutting Board

Charcuterie originated in France with smoked, dry-cured or cooked meat. As it gained popularity people began creating charcuterie boards filled with cheeses, meats, and even fruit. These charcuterie boards are a perfect party staple because they are so versatile for any occasion, whether large or small. Assembling this appetizer is effortless and can be enjoyable when choosing your favorite meats and cheeses. As tasty as this board is, it is also easy to make it picture perfect once you have a beautiful board. To craft the perfect charcuterie board, we’ve listed our favorite three boards for any gathering.

etuHOME Square French Cutting Board etuHOME Square French Cutting Board

Just the Two of Us

For either those stay at home date nights or having a friend over, a charcuterie board can be a great tapas idea. Since you will be keeping it to a minimum number of people, we recommend using our Medium French Cutting Board. It is the perfect size to serve a small variety of cheeses and meats. It is double-sided with a rough beautiful side for serving and a smooth side for cutting. Because the board is smaller, we say stick to the basics. Place some firm, aged and soft cheeses on the board along with a few slices of cured meat and you will be set.

etuHOME Farmhouse Cutting Board 

Double Date

Whether having another couple over for dinner or hosting a small get together at your home, it is easy to entertain with a larger charcuterie board. Luckily, we have the perfect arrangement for such an occasion. Our Farmhouse Cutting Board looks amazing on your counter top and is the perfect size to add some flair to your kitchen. The reclaimed wood board is accentuated with sturdy wrought iron handles along the side. Along with your favorite pairings of cheeses and cured meat, add some flavored crackers and breads. Lastly, throw in something sweet like grapes on the vine to please any palate.

etuHOME Double Handle European Cutting Board etuHOME Double Handle European Cutting Board

The Gang’s All Here

Have an occasion to entertain a large group of people? A charcuterie board is the perfect key to keeping hungry guests happy and occupied all night long. To accompany a maximum spread, we recommend our Double Handled European Cutting Board. Once you break out this authentic board, you will want to bring out the best of the best when it comes to charcuterie assembly. Add your cheeses, meats, crackers and breads, then mix it up with sweet pairings like sliced apples, grapes on the vine and jams or jellies. Incorporate nuts and olives for an additional element of taste and you can even use small sticks of rosemary for garnish. Let your guests mix and match combinations of each ingredient and they will snack all night long.

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