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8 Design Trends to Embrace in 2023

8 Design Trends to Embrace in 2023

We have curated the latest design trends of 2023 that will make interiors feel fresh and uplifted. From simple shelf stylers to a furniture refresh, there's an attainable trend for every aesthetic.

1. Moody Blues

Blue is a versatile shade that reflects the need for stability in an increasingly busy and digital world. Shades of blue create a mood-boosting and comforting environment and can be incorporated through wall art, furniture or tabletop accessories. Blues pair well with natural wood tones and complement minimalist style – subtle touches of this color can create soothing and sophisticated interiors.

2. Influence of Natural Wood

Nothing matches the beauty of the natural world. From furniture to flooring to accessories, natural wood creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects our desire to connect with nature. Establishing this indoor-outdoor feel in the home can be calming and energizing simultaneously. Add organic touches to your space through wooden furniture, serving boards, or countertop staples.

3. Mixed Textures 

Without texture, a room will fall flat. Add depth, dimension and decadence to a space by incorporating a blend of wood, ceramic and glass accents. These tactile features will create a cozy and visually interesting environment.

4. Old Meets New

Seamlessly marry the modern with the traditional to create a refreshing space. As we search for a sense of comfort and assurance that familiarity brings, breathing new life into historic pieces and uniting styles of the past with design trends of the present will be paramount.

5. Color Confidence

Monochromatic palates and the use of white are phasing out and making space for c-o-l-o-r. Bright shades and rich hues are ever-present in home décor and accents. Embrace the comforting feelings from shades of blue or green, or opt for bright and playful shades of sage to liven up any space. 

6. Timeless Treasures

Treasured accents are eclipsing mass-produced products. Using an eclectic collector’s approach, anyone can create a home that has curated designs with meaning. Display handcrafted accents or antique décor from around the world to create interiors with intention. Unique and meaningful items add character and soul to a space.

7. Smart Solutions

Humans crave efficiency and convenience, and this trend is showing itself in the home through dual-purpose décor. An iPad/Cookbook Holder on the kitchen counter adds color and texture to the space while providing a smart storage solution. Even your Charcuterie Board doubles as chic backsplash décor when not in use as serveware. 

8. Sustainability in the Kitchen

From reusable bags to reclaimed cutting boards, sustainability in the kitchen not only looks good but feels good. As we grow more mindful of our impact on the environment, eco-friendly alternatives to serveware, storage and cleaning supplies are trending. Sustainability extends to kitchen design as well, with materials such as reclaimed wood and recycled glass being used for tables, chairs and cabinetry.

No matter your design preferences, your home is your haven. Incorporate trending colors, textures, and cultures into your décor to create a comforting and stylish space.

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