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6 Scents for a Cozy Christmas

4 Scents for a Cozy Christmas

As the temperature slowly drops and we find ourselves begging for more time in the warmth of our homes, nothing beats curling up with a soft blanket and a candle. A classic and thoughtful gift, candles brighten any space and envelop your senses. Our unique and luxurious home fragrance collection has a scent for everyone, so gift yourself or a friend a cozy candle for the Christmas season.

1. Christmas Market: Balsam Fir and Nutmeg

Marche de Noel Large Candle

The classic Christmas scent we all love with a twist; the subtle hint of nutmeg makes this candle a must-have during the holiday season. Bring the nostalgic feeling of Christmas to your living room by lighting this festive yet modern candle, available in both small and large sizes.

2. Valencia: Orange and Fennel

Valencia Small Candle

Tribute to the summer months in the Spanish countryside, this candle smells like sweet orange blossoms blended with the highly aromatic scent of fennel. A common Christmas tradition is to place an orange in each stocking, so pair that sweet fruit with the Valencia candle this holiday. 

3. Geneva: Chocolate and Hazelnut

Geneva Small Candle

The sweet tooth will love the chocolatey aroma brought by the Geneva candle. Based on Swiss chocolate often paired with hazelnuts, this blend of fragrance will fill the room with sweetness and warmth perfect for the holiday season.

4. Vienna: Espresso and Biscuit

Vienna: Espresso and Biscuit

Perfect for those cold days, the espresso and biscuit aromas will enhance your daily coffee consumption. Gift to the coffee lover in your life or simply light in the kitchen each morning to get your day started with a warm and sweet fragrance. 

Our luxury candles are hand-poured by artisans and include essential oils from the perfume capital of the world. Inspired by scents found in several European cities, our candles will enhance your cozy night in this holiday season with an elegant and unique blend of fragrances.

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