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4 Ways to Become a Sustainable Kitchen Consumer

4 Ways to Become a Sustainable Kitchen Consumer

Being a sustainable kitchen consumer is a consumer who makes intentional purchase decisions that not only feel-good, but don't have a negative impact on the environment. Today many are unaware of their purchasing behaviors and how they may be negatively impacting the environment, especially in the kitchen. Cheap products are commonly made from poor quality materials leading to a short product lifespan, more landfill waste, and a hole burned in your wallet. By consciously buying higher quality goods that are designed to last, we not only are bettering our planet, but our bank accounts too. Here are four easy changes you can make in your kitchen to become a sustainable consumer.

1. Quality over Quantity

Often consumers feel they are sticking to their budget by not splurging and by purchasing the cheaper option because, hey, the price point looks great right? The problem many are not mindful of is the quality and longevity of the item and how the purchase actually hurts the planet and their wallet. The phrase "you get what you pay for" couldn't be more true, especially for items used on a daily basis in the kitchen. The quality of cheaper items result in breaking or wearing down quickly, leading to a higher buildup of waste and more money to be spent replacing the cheap item with another. By purchasing quality materials like wood cutting boards and glass canisters, you are buying into a sustainable lifestyle and a product that lasts for generations to come. 

Glass Canisters

2. Extend the Product Life Cycle

The purchase of a high-quality good made from honest materials marks the new beginning of an endless product life cycle. For example, what once served as the frame of a 19th century European building has new life in the kitchen with etúHOME's wooden cutting and serving boards. Just like family recipes that are passed down to each generation, how special is it to receive the very board your great grandmother prepped her family-famous recipes on? Supporting the endless product life cycle is an investment, but also a feel-good purchase that will make a beloved heirloom. 

German Carving Board

3. Switch to Air Drying

The intended life span of a product will only last if it is properly cared for. Misuse will harm even the sturdiest of wood boards, so make sure to handle all serveware with care. Wood must never be placed in the dishwasher. Ensure your board will last a lifetime with a little TLC by hand-washing with mild soap and water. Remember, sustainable products are followed by sustainable practices. By becoming a sustainable consumer, you are also saving energy and money while leaving a smaller footprint.

Italian Pizza Board

4. Support Ethical Brands

It is just as important when purchasing well-made goods that they were also made in ethical ways. Support honest and sustainable brands to further make a positive impact on the environment. Two of our favorite brands to support are Bee's Wrap and Frantoio Galantino. Bee’s Wrap creates reusable wraps that decrease your household waste production, and Frantoio Galantino Italian Olive Oil intends for their hand-painted ceramic decanters to be refilled after initial use. These everyday products used in the kitchen are small adjustments to our daily routines that start with a mindful purchase. To do your part in leaving a smaller footprint, shop our Market Edit for other brands and products we stand behind using honest ingredients and practices.

Bee's Wrap

By making small changes to your daily life you can easily play a role in bettering the planet. Shopping sustainable brands ensures that honest products stay on the market and help fight for a better tomorrow. Not sure where to start? Begin with items you use on a daily basis like cutting boards and canisters. One mindful purchase is a step towards becoming a proud sustainable kitchen consumer.

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