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Dutch Cutting Board, Small


The Dutch Cutting Board is the perfect everyday cutting board. Easy to grab for quick chopping, they will quickly become a go-to for all food prep. Made of reclaimed European oak and handcrafted by European artisans, each board has a unique beauty that you will want to show off. Keep them on the countertops or stack against the backsplash for a trendy statement. 

The small Dutch Cutting Board is perfect for cutting fresh herbs or onions and serving an individual cheese spread.  

The collection was inspired by vintage cutting boards that were designed for small kitchens, similar to those found in narrow canal houses in the Netherlands. Updated for the modern home, these boards carry many purposes from chopping and prepping fresh ingredients to being a serving platter for the final meal.  

Our cutting boards are constructed from reclaimed European hardwood. Nourish often by applying an even coat of etúHOME’s proprietary wax or a food grade mineral oil to all surfaces with a soft cloth. To clean and sanitize your cutting board, wash with mild dish soap and warm water, wax and pat dry. Do not put in the dishwasher or soak in water. 

Weight: 2 lb
Length: 11.5" inches
Width: 10" inches
Height: 1.2" inches