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The Versatile Dough Bowl Styled 5 Ways

The Versatile Dough Bowl Styled 5 Ways

Our vintage-inspired Dough Bowls are all handcrafted by European artisans, ensuring that each piece is authentic and unique. Available in a variety of colors, the dough bowl makes the perfect accent for your home while maintaining its functionality. Modern and versatile, here are just a few ways to utilize a dough bowl in your home.

1. Store Fresh Produce


Stylishly place your fresh fruit and vegetables in a dough bowl. Sit on your kitchen counter for easy access and a pop of color.

2. Put Decorative Accents on Display


While simple, the dough bowl is contemporary and beautiful standing alone. Stack two or three dough bowls together for a heightened accent.

3. Use as Food-Safe Serveware


Each dough bowl is finished with a plant-based, food-safe wax. Serve grains or a freshly tossed salad for a unique dining experience.

4. Keep Things Front and Center


Surround your dough bowl with other decorative accents and use it’s organic beauty as the focal point in your tablescape.

5. Coffee Table Catch-All


Perfect for storage, place a dough bowl on your coffee table to hold all your odds-and-ends. Never lose a remote again with the versatile dough bowl.

Beautiful and functional, a dough bowl is built for all homes and lifestyles. Shop our Dough Bowls here.

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