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Instagrammable Charcuterie Board Tips

Instagrammable Charcuterie Board Tips

Growing in popularity on Instagram and Pinterest, charcuterie boards are one of the biggest social media trends. From the colorful ingredients to the beautiful wood it’s presented on, charcuterie boards are visually appealing and fun to arrange. These boards are meant to be enjoyed with a group, which explains the shareable nature of charcuterie on social media. Take part of this trend and create an Instagrammable charcuterie board with confidence. 

Know Your Terms

Charcuterie is a French term for prepared meats that are served cold. When arranging meats with other ingredients, such as cheese and fruit, it creates a charcuterie board. This style of food preparation has gained popularity for its attainable and customizable nature – anyone can create their own charcuterie board at home. Cured meats and cheese are available at all grocery stores, so building your own charcuterie spread makes for an affordable and creative way to entertain guests. Whether you call it a cheese plate, charcuterie spread, grazing board or antipasto platter, this food trend is here to stay. 

What Goes on Your Board?

The most common meats used on charcuterie boards include prosciutto, salami and pancetta, which can be found pre-packaged together in most deli aisles. If using more than one variety of cheese, select those with different textures or consistencies. A charcuterie board should also include various sliced fruits and crudités to balance out the strong flavors of the meat and cheese. Not only can you get creative when cutting and arranging your ingredients but layering in these fruits and vegetables adds pops of color for an artful spread.

Fill a few Tapas Bowls or White Pinch Pots with olives, nuts, pickles or jam to complement the flavors of the cheese, and layer a variety of artisan crackers or baguette slices to add texture. Browse our Market Edit for additional charcuterie accessories, such as cheese knives, olive oils, spices, and books! 

How to Arrange the Spread

Every charcuterie board will look different, which is part of the fun and beauty behind this trend. Crafting an epic cheese spread allows for artistic expression, so don’t worry too much about copying exactly what you see on social media. Start off with a clean surface and arrange the largest items first as a way to anchor the board. If using several varieties of cheese, place on opposite ends of your surface to differentiate the flavors. Fold and layer the cured meats in small sections throughout the board or flow in a line from one end to the other. Arrange stacks of ingredients around the rest of the board, leaving room in between for other accompaniments. Everything on your charcuterie board should be edible, but you can get creative with edible flowers or fresh herbs as the final touch you need to make your board photo-worthy. 

What board do I use?

The best board to use for charcuterie is one that is built to last. For a trend that won’t be disappearing any time soon, you need a high-quality board designed for generational use. If you’re just starting out on the cheese board trend, try a Mini Charcuterie Board or Square Pine Charcuterie Board for a smaller surface to practice on. All of our charcuterie boards are handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood, making each cheese spread served truly one-of-a-kind. If crafting an epic spread for a larger gathering, arrange on a Farmtable Plank down the center of your island or table. 

No matter what is being served on your charcuterie board, the process of crafting the spread is meant to be fun and allows for creativity. If meat and cheese aren't your favorite, you can create an epic breakfast or dessert spread using these same tips. Elevate your entertaining game with luxury serveware and take part in a social media trend that brings people together.


Photo Credit: Alea Moore Photography

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