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Behind the Design: COCOCOZY x etúHOME Collection

Behind the Design: COCOCOZY x etúHOME Collection

The COCOCOZY x etúHOME collaboration celebrates diversity through serveware as functional art. Rooted in promoting inclusivity in design, etúHOME has come together with Colette Shelton of COCOCOZY, the esteemed interior design expert and product designer, to create dual purpose products. The collection features signature COCOCOZY patterns and unique shapes inspired by Colette’s heritage and family visits to France. Married with the sustainable practices and honest materials of etúHOME, the collaboration takes kitchen accents to another level. Timeless modern design meets utility, making every piece dual purpose from kitchen to living room.


The COCOCOZY x etúHOME collection includes artisan-crafted serving boards and hand-forged recycled glass accents. Made from sustainable sources throughout Europe, the cutting and serving boards use artisan engraving techniques to bring Colette’s custom motifs to life. "Each piece has its own blend of fresh and modern elements, inspired for everyday use," says Colette. "This collaboration perfectly showcases the COCOCOZY style with an artisan crafted twist." Whether styled in the kitchen or the living room, each piece embraces a utilitarian design aesthetic.

A Los Angeles native, Colette Shelton is an entrepreneur, blogger and product designer. Colette began blogging in 2008 on COCOCOZY, her interior design blog, and introduced the COCOCOZY textiles collection in 2011. After nine years in the design sphere, Colette was named as one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 30 Influencers, has been featured for her design work in numerous publications and has received recognition from celebrities and top interior designers. Celebrating fresh and bold patterns inspired by Colette’s Caribbean heritage and family visits to France, the collection includes serving boards featuring signature COCOCOZY patterns and hand-forged recycled glass accents. Paired with the sustainable practices and materials of etúHOME, this collaboration takes dual purpose kitchen accents to another level. 

“The most important part of our collaboration is its roots promoting inclusivity and diversity within our industry. It’s a space where the industry and even our organization have room to grow,” says Stacy Borocz, founder of etúHOME. “I hope that the collection brings joy to people’s homes and elevates their everyday, but also encourages others to support underrepresented communities in whatever ways they can.”

Through custom patterns, artisan engraving techniques, and sustainable materials, the new COCOCOZY x etúHOME collection encourages diversity and showcases multifunctional art designed for the modern home. Shop the collection here.


Photo Credit: Alea Moore Photography

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