To facilitate informed and inspired decisions, etúHOME has curated a small collection of icons to help you understand our products' nature. Look for the icons on our product pages and become an etúHOME ambassador in the new economy of modern sustainability.  

 Reclaimed Wood: Produced from responsibly sourced reclaimed and salvaged European wood. 
Recycled Glass: Made with recycled glass that have been extracted and reconditioned for a new use. This process minimizes the flow of waste into landfills.
Handmade: Created by hand, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan in a world of mass production.
Found: Vintage and antique items sourced from Europe. Supporting one-of-a-kind pieces, each perfectly imperfect.
Time Honored: Made by artisans using age-old techniques that are rooted in regionally specific traditions. 
Food Safe: Containing no toxins or harmful substances. 
Gift Wrap Available: Items that we can provide special, additional packaging.
Shipping Delay: Any item that is “made to order”.