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Cutting Board and Brush Set


We're bundling up some of our favorite complementary products into an easy-to-purchase set for you to gift to friends and loved ones or keep all to yourself. Our Cutting Board and Brush Set features 1 Saucepan Brush and 1 Medium Dutch Cutting Board.

About The Sauce Pan Brush

This is not your average kitchen brush. Specially designed and manufactured by Andrée Jardin to decimate stubborn baked-on grease and grime (and look good while doing it). Crafted from Genuine French beechwood with tough mixed vegetable fibers.


About The Dutch Cutting Board, Medium

The Dutch Cutting Board is the perfect everyday cutting board. Easy to grab for quick chopping, they will quickly become a go-to for all food prep. Hand-crafted from oak wood, each board has a unique beauty that you will want to show off. Keep them on the countertops or stack them against the backsplash for a trendy statement. The medium Dutch Cutting Board is perfect for cutting fresh produce and serving a cheese spread for two. 

Cutting Board Care Instructions:
To prevent and resolve surface stains, wipe the surface clean with a hot soapy water immediately after using and then dry with a clean, dry dish towel. Never submerge your wood board in water and avoid abrasive cleaning products. For an all-natural stain removal remedy, dampen board with warm water and sprinkle coarse salt and/or baking soda over it. Cut a lemon in half and rub over the board while gently squeezing to release the juice. Let stand for 5 minutes and use a scrub brush to remove excess.

Caring for your board varies based on your use and location. Daily use and dry climates require more frequent nourishing. We recommend you nourish your board often, particularly after washing, by applying etuHOME’s Rosemary and Sage Wood Oiling Wax.

Weight: 2.6 lbs
Length: 12" inches
Width: 8" inches
Height: 1.2" inches
Hand Made

Hand Made

This is created by hand. It demonstrates the unique skill of the artisan in a world of mass production.