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Voted the #1 Wedding Gift Store in the US by House Beautiful
Voted the #1 Wedding Gift Store in the US by House Beautiful

Limited Edition Small Vases and Planters, Set of 5


This set of pottery comes with one of each of the following: Limited Edition Black Planter Small, Limited Edition Black Vase Small, Limited Edition Black Wide Neck Vase Small, Limited Edition Terracotta Planter Small, and Limited Edition Terracotta Round Planter Small.

Made from terracotta clay, the Limited Edition Black Pottery Collection is thrown by a single European artisan on an original potter’s wheel. Each item is a unique piece of art and will vary due to the handcrafted technique used to create them. The ceramic pieces boast a unique smoke color thanks to the high content of red iron-oxide, which when fired changes color, varying from smokey grey to black. During the process the wood-fired furnace is kept closed and the smoke further contributes to the dark color of the ceramics. Because of the unique way these items are layered in the furnace, you can see spots where the items were touching one another. Only 300 of each style was made, creating this limited collection of pottery. Prior to being placed in the kiln, our master potter hand-carved his initials and a number out of 300 on the bottom of each piece indicating its uniqueness within the collection.

  • Each piece may vary from images shown in coloring, size and imperfections.
  • Created one-by-one on the potter’s wheel from white terracotta clay.
  • The pottery is fired in a wood-fired furnace.
  • Imperfections such as spots can be seen on each piece.
  • Decorative use only
  • Made in Europe

    Care and Maintenance

    • Dust with a soft, dry cloth
    • Avoid liquid cleansers, glass cleaner, soap or abrasive agents containing alcohol
    • Do not soak or leave standing in water
    Length: inches
    Width: inches
    Height: inches