Celebrate Summer In Farmhouse Style

Provence Farm Table etúHOME_1

I could not help but notice that the blossoming trend in home décor has been farmhouse style. Lately, I’ve heard people calling it “urban farmhouse” or “rustic modern”, whatever you call it, I have just the table to set the tone. If you’ve been waiting to hop on the trend, there’s no better time than now. Imagine, a jubilant gathering, filled with family and friends, grilling delish eats, with everyone together around a beautiful farmhouse table.

Provence Farm Table etúHOME_1

With the Provence Table, you not only have a fully functioning table that is filled with character, you also have a key piece to begin a farmhouse look. Inspired by an antique European farm table, this piece is remarkably gorgeous. The kitchen table’s reclaimed planked wood top steals the show, while still supporting your summer spread.   

Provence Farm Table etúHOME_3

The classic design of the table means that there is no room for criticism. It has clean lines, making it ideal for those who can appreciate the beauty and elegance of simplicity. Once again, I cannot tell you how excited I am to have friends and family over for the upcoming holidays and serve them around my table. If the rich brown wood style isn’t your thing, there is also a white leg option to brighten the room up. 

Provence Farm Table etúHOME

 What do you think about the farmhouse, rustic modern look?

- Your etuHOME Euro It Girl



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